40 years out of expanding suicide death during the Poland: Undercounting amidst a holding crisis?

40 years out of expanding suicide death during the Poland: Undercounting amidst a holding crisis?

Committing suicide rates trend having Poland, perhaps one of the most populated europe, commonly well documented. Additionally, the caliber of the official Shine suicide statistics is unfamiliar and you can needs in the-depth studies.


People and you can mortality investigation disaggregated from the sex, years, trend, and you will produce were taken from the Shine Main Analytics Work environment to possess that point 1970-2009. Suicides and you can deaths classified because the ‘undetermined burns off purpose,’ ‘unfamiliar causes,’ and you can ‘accidental poisonings’ was in fact analyzed in order to imagine brand new accuracy and you will susceptibility of suicide qualification into the Poland over around three attacks covered by ICD-8, ICD-nine and you can ICD-10, correspondingly. Time style was in fact analyzed by Spearman test to have trend.

Overall performance

The state suicide speed improved because of the 51.3% for the Poland between 1970 and you may 2009. Discover an ever-increasing excess suicide price for men, culminating within the a male-to-feminine ratio out of eight:step one. Brand new dominant means, holding, made 90% of all of the suicides by 2009. Factoring in the fatalities out of undetermined intent merely, estimated sensitivity away from committing suicide degree are 77% complete, but all the way down for women than males. Not expanding linearly as we grow old, the brand new suicide rate peaked on decades forty-54 ages.


Brand new committing suicide price is increasing in the Poland, and this needs a nationwide prevention initiative. Hangings would be the commonplace committing suicide strategy considering authoritative registration. But not, committing suicide amongst females looks grossly underestimated offered its straight down projected awareness away from suicide degree, better use of “soft” suicide procedures, and also the high 7:step one men-to-feminine speed proportion. Changes in new ICD classification program lead to a short-term committing suicide analysis blackout for the 1980-1982, and tall modifications of your own dying kinds of senility and unknown causes, shortly after 1997, highly recommend the necessity for study high quality surveillance.


In lots of places of your Eu, suicide mortality is higher than that on account of site visitors injuries . Suicides originate from a complex interplay ranging from mental health requirements, like affective or drug use problems, and socioeconomic products [2, 3]. While doing so, alterations in governmental regimes, particularly in previous communist Eastern Europe, appear to have swayed the category out of suicide prices [4, 5]. Committing suicide and several most other health-associated statistics had been kept magic in communist places until 1988. However, even after publication, the validity remains dubious. Whenever you are degree affirmed the fresh new precision regarding suicide statistics for the Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic and other nations [six, 7], neither brand new reliability neither the authenticity from Gloss data has been examined.

The latest legitimacy from committing suicide degree talks about two elements, specificity and you may sensitivity. Specificity measures not the case-negativity and susceptibility correct positivity. Susceptibility appears the new a whole lot more difficult of the two when you look at the popular countries about . As an alternative stated, committing suicide undercounting is normally a much better reason for medical and you can social wellness question than just overcounting. Suicides are recognized to become undetectable in other trigger-of-demise classes, mainly ‘undetermined burns off intent’ and ‘symptoms, cues, ill-discussed standards and you may unfamiliar reasons.’ Toxicity suicides, instance, hunt very likely to misclassification in other trigger-of-demise kinds [9–11], especially ‘unintentional poisoning’ . As a whole, death ascertainment methods, instance results of systematic and you may forensic autopsies, plausibly influence the newest awareness away from suicide degree . Hence, assessing the new sensitiveness including accuracy on the certification is essential knowing the temporary span of committing suicide costs. Indeed, any evaluations of your own perception from public, political, and economic change or treatments towards committing suicide rates remain away from not familiar worthy of on the absence of proof on the data quality.

Zero detailed analyses sexy Laosian chica out-of Shine committing suicide analytics of the form of suicide have been penned. Within the handling a report gap, i first reported the new development from inside the Polish suicide costs away from 1970 to help you 2009 by sex and you will approach. I then estimated the precision and you will sensitivity of Gloss suicide research to choose whether we are able to affirm their soundness . Examining investigation accuracy try an immensely important, while the lead to-of-demise programming throughout the our observation several months involved around three changes of your Around the globe Category from Disorder (ICD-8, -nine and you will -10), that may has affected the brand new precision of one’s specialized suicide statistics.

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