It’s difficult matchmaking someone who won’t give you the lifetime of big date

It’s difficult matchmaking someone who won’t give you the lifetime of big date

Su-ae Shim [ ]

Su-ae is the leading man of your own series. The storyline begins with their particular during the a-one-sided reference to Minu, just who does not work out and you can berates her. Believing some thing will ultimately work out between the two of them, Su-ae continues matchmaking Minu regardless of what much she actually is hurt by 8 paГ­ses que aman a los estadounidenses your. One day, Su-ae stumbles on a good Jellypop cellular phone at school. 1st, Su-ae is actually freaked-out by phone’s supernatural potential; she get anonymous texts explaining activities taking place to their into the real some time and choosing the mobile amazingly appearing elsewhere when she sets it. She in the future discovers the brand new phone’s capacity to matter what number of love issues one has throughout their lifetime. Interested in her own like existence, Su-ae screening they on herself, just to miserably know that she’s no love factors. The brand new origins from the like finding system stays partly unfamiliar, but Su-ae finds out a whole lot more via a great deal arriving at their own home. Understanding this new recommendations guides their particular to track down a processor in her phone. She inserts it on their own computer system, creating an internet site . you to elaborates towards strange like part program.

A shocking revelation try revealed so you’re able to their unique after she do; this woman is the newest problem regarding the program that zero like facts, damaging the checklist of another who had a low. Throughout the many of these Jellypop mysteries, a private person was texting Su-ae low-stop. To start with, she believes this new harasser is Eunhyeok, who’s got become watching the present day collapse away from their own dating lives. But not, she bits together so it isn’t really him, and the unknown texter goes on messing together with her. A destructive price is actually hit if this individual jobs their so you can get at the very least some point for the sake of the machine, or else she will have to pass away. Eager less than this newfound due date, she hatches an idea having Eunhyeok to make their unique newest boyfriend jealous and you will gain like points to endure.

Minu Kang [ ]

Minu is actually Su-ae’s boyfriend at the beginning of the series, who would not cure their better. There are several minutes where he mentally abuses Su-ae, including overlooking their unique, coldly dismissing their particular, striking to your other girls if you find yourself she’s around, refuses to create time for times, and stuff like that. Yet not, more blaring red flag he presents try cheating for the Su-ae along with her sister, Ra-i am. Despite having conflicting thinking regarding damaging Su-ae, the guy ultimately offers on the Ra-im’s enhances and you may pursues his front side connection with their unique. Su-ae later attempts to explore him to gain like products as section of their own package.

Ra-i’m Yun [ ]

Ra-i am are Su-ae’s adoptive aunt therefore the several had been personal from the time youth. Ra-im’s mothers remaining her, so Su-ae’s family members invited their own that have started possession. At school, the woman is extremely common; the woman is regarded as the prettiest girl to the campus and you can numerous somebody esteem her, together with Su-ae. She is really talented, however, her deep insecurities and you will harmful objectives is actually found; she is envious out of Su-ae. In her own head, she on top of that enjoys their own and dislikes their.

Ra-i’m seems to have some reasons, but the most prominent one is throughout the good flashback. She actually is recognized to seriously envy just how Su-ae is so loved and you can liked of the their particular parents. As a result to these festering thoughts, Ra-i will be decides to pull away what you Su-ae likes, and taking their unique boyfriend no matter if this lady has no intimate attitude to own him. Ra-i’m and you will Su-ae just after spent my youth to each other eg intimate-knitted sisters, even so they be cooler together immediately following Ra-i will be secretive connection with Minu is on full monitor so you can Su-ae. Their cheating package is placed towards action immediately after, cutting the split between them girls more.

Eunhyeok Wade [ ]

Eunhyeok is one of Su-ae’s friends and head love attract regarding the show, that is permitting their unique call at their particular cheat payback plan. Just like the basic thoughts go, Eunhyeok views Su-ae while the pitiful coward for residing in a romance that was clearly dangerous and something-sided. He will not shell out far focus on their own up until it mistakenly knock into the one another on the several period. Its small relationships end changing the course of every other people’s relatives.

He discovers more about their particular character, their particular domestic lifetime along with her passions. Up to now, Eunhyeok has exploded very partial to Su-ae’s slight and you will genuine charm. He’s just starting to discover their own angle to the love, don’t searching down on their own viewpoints. He could be Minu’s former friend, however their friendship later on deteriorates when he will get alongside Su-ae. He confessed his choose Su-ae, and Su-ae informs him she loves your right back.

Dohwa Baek [ ]

Dohwa is yet another among Su-ae’s like passion. He or she is reported to get an idol trainee, features extremely high love things. They are the most common man on Su-ae’s college or university that is really good looking. Hearsay state he or she is the new young man from a chaebol household members.

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