New depending is to range between the bottom rung and you may stop for the the topmost rung

New depending is to range between the bottom rung and you may stop for the the topmost rung

16) One of several Tagalogs away from Southern area Luzon, just how many the newest stair-methods is vital and may be counted from inside the several threes named oro, plata and mata otherwise silver, silver and passing, correspondingly. Should your topmost rung coincides which have oro or plata, it can focus a beneficial. If the, however, the above rung coincides with mata, it will offer bad luck. 17) For these living in tangible homes, a vintage money should be imprinted towards cemented doorstep to help you ensure a steady flow of money. 18) It’s essential that property faces east in which the sunrays goes up to make sure success. In contrast, a property one face western where sunshine establishes are good jinx and certainly will offer misfortune. This superstition is borrowed in the Old Chinese. 19) Doorways must on the right region of the family together with stairs must always move to the right to keep a married pair loyal to one another for a lifetime. Doorways erected for the left region of the domestic and you may staircase one consider the leftover tend to prompt infidelity. 20) Doors should not be founded up against one another for this portends that money will come in effortlessly but also hurry out rapidly. Because the a stopgap measure, doorways should be dependent parallel so you can walls with the intention that money entering our home will continue to be in the home and stay stored. 21) Septic tanks shouldn’t be constructed higher than the floor for it can request a compromise in the person existence. None would be to septic tanks and lavatories be established nearby the cooking area since it would infect your food for the a clairvoyant sense and you will will bring diseases toward family. 22) The master need certainly to move into this new home maybe not later on than six are from inside the brand new moonlight to attract an excellent chance and prosperity, while the first items that should be put around was sodium, rice and you can gold coins. ^*^

In addition, an effective female’s favourite dining during the conception will change the physical features away from their child

23) No part of the household is to protection otherwise dangle over the brand new stump off a newly slashed forest. None will be yet another domestic convergence any part of an old house. 24) A two-facts strengthening which is remodeled to the one tale commonly shorten the newest life of the residents. 25) A serpent one to gets in the house brings best wishes as long whilst will not chew some of the occupants. It is most likely according to the habit of Filipinos inside Spanish colonial moments to save pythons on the partition involving the rooftop plus the ceiling to reduce the newest rat society the house. 26) When you are number 7 and you can 11 give best wishes, amount thirteen has never been made use of as a speech amount or the amount of a story for the a creating. 27) An injury to a property staff member while property hot Juazeiro do norte girl otherwise strengthening has been erected is an enthusiastic omen off bad luck that may getting neutralized of the destroying good pig or a white poultry and compromising their bloodstream toward comfort. 28) A great balete forest is recognized as being haunted and really should maybe not be lower whenever strengthening property normally the latest morale tend to attack the construction specialists and also the manager from property. ^*^

Conception, Pregnancy and Beginning Superstitions

1) A good conceiving woman is simply be found photographs away from breathtaking feminine and you may good looking dudes so you can render delivery so you can a pleasant little one. If the she observes photos off unsightly anybody, she you’ll provide birth to help you an unsightly babe. Say if a lady loves to eat pork much, she you’ll bring birth to help you a child that looks such as for instance a great pig or has a hairy birthmark because the facial skin off an effective pig. 2) If your young pregnant woman hops more than their own spouse, their particular early morning infection often transfer to their unique husband. 3) Anyone who shares your food getting ate by a young pregnant woman are affected away from means of drowsiness, faintness and you can illness. 4) Plants have a tendency to wither and trees will happen bitter fruits in the event that touched of the a young pregnant woman. [Source: felixfojas.wordpress blogs , ^*^]

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